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Lucia S.

Los Angeles, California

I.D THEFT, CPA, & TAX ATTORNEY: I have been a victim of I.D. theft and IRS has sent me and my banks notices of levies in the amount of $54,540.00 back in 2009. I have consulted my CPA and he indicated he will be able to get this off my record. After two years of going back and forth with IRS my case got nowhere. Actually the amount got larger due to penalty and interest. I then hired an attorney who supposed to specialize in tax resolution but he too got nowhere after close to a year of trying. I spent thousands of dollars in fee and lost hope of ever getting this off my record. My husband and I were even afraid to going overseas thinking that the government officials would revoke our passports. I heard about Mr. Choi through a friend of mine. His fees were very nominal and he and his assistant got to work right away from filing police report, making copies of certain Identities and writing down the personal history etc. Before this whole event took place, I thought how hard would it be to get this I.D. issue off our record. After all this is not my doing and I thought IRS would easily understand my situation but I was wrong. The burden of proof was on me. Anyhow, after 11 months of ordeal, Mr. Choi was able to negotiate with IRS and end up paying just $14 as gesture of process. I could not be more happier. My husband and I are grateful for the outstanding result. Finally, we are free of heavy burden that were over our heads for years. Thank you very much Mr. Choi and your team.

Sam R. K

Fullerton, California

IRS Civil Penalty issue. My CPA end up settling with IRS for $44,471.38. Mr. Choi end up reversing the entire amount by having IRS acknowledging the subcontractor status thus settled and zero tax liability.

Roberta T

La Habra, California

I thought the IRS would never negotiate my tax debt since the amount was just over $10K and I have sufficient income. But KC proved me wrong. He negotiated down to $500. What a pleasant surprise.....

Y.I Kim

Los Angeles, California

IRS tax liability $21,952.88. Mr. Choi & Phil settled it for $1,500.00 ($100/month x 15 months).

Tony H.

Los Angeles, California

IRS 1099 issue. Amount owed was $217,243.64. Tax Help team settled it for $11,500.00.

Daniel B.

West Los Angeles, California

Thank you for taking care of my tax problems. I realize you did something I never thought would be possible. Thank you.

Mary L.

Simi Valley, California

KC thanks for lowering my tax to $1000 from $160,287.30. My CPA tried for years then you end up taking care of the matters in few months. Thank you.

Young K. & Irene K

El Monte, California

I owed IRS $56,501.72. I tried to get rid of this tax issue by myself because I cleaned the IRS office. I had developed a relationship but got nowhere. I was referred to KC and he settled it for $750 withing 9 months. Some of the delays were due to me not being prompt.

Jenny C.

Los Angeles, California

Me and my husband was not sure if anyone could even negotiate with IRS but I reluctantly hired KC Choi and his team to resolve my tax issue. After twelve months of going back and forth, KC settled my case at $500. I recommend his firm to anyone who needs tax problem resolved.

Ken H.

Torrance, California

I owed IRS $40,862.06. Tax Help Team removed all but $4,606.58. They have arranged payment plan of $200 per month. Thank you "TEAM".

Paul & Kathy K.

La Mirada, California

Unreal. My wife and I owed IRS (payroll issue) $46,673.44. Mr Choi worked on our case for 14 months and able to settle the case for $300.00. That's right $300.00. Unreal.

Mary H.

Los Angeles, California

State of California had me on their Top 500 List. They sent me Notice of Intent to Suspend my drivers license. Soon as I got the notice, I hired Tax Help Team. They were able to remove me from the top 500 list and lower my tax liability from $226,613.26 to $4500.00. Thank you KC, Edward, and Phil.

Chris S.

Buena PArk, California

To Whom It May Concern: Tax problems generally begin with the failure to file returns, and from that point you digress until the taxing agencies obtain garnishments, file levies and record liens that attach to property and adversely affect your credit. All of these issues happened to us, so we were in desperate need of a tax consultant who could do what would be required in order to alleviate the pressure that had engulfed us. The Tax Help Team, and specifically KC Choi, was exactly what we were looking for in order to solve our problems. First of all they filed tax returns which opened the door to getting the garnishment and levies withdrawn. The next order of business was to obtain the amount of tax due from the taxing agencies and arrange for an Installment Payment Plan. Once the Payment Plan was approved, we were considered “in compliance” and all of the negativity associated with our failure to file returns was resolved. Our tax debt was reasonable and not overwhelming, so we elected to simply pay the amount due under the Installment Payment Plan and not request an Offer in Compromise. The Tax Help Team explained to us that they could also help us with a reduction in the total tax due, but again we felt like the Payment Plan was acceptable based on a reasonably small tax debt. We have been so encouraged and amazed at the success of the Tax Help Team, we have decided to engage their services to help us with some other tax issues as it pertains to LLC’s and Corporations that we utilize in our business. We also referred our son who had some tax problems of his own, and The Tax Help was successful in solving his problems as well. Although we have an accountant who has been a personal friend for over 20 years, it is difficult to be honest when we don’t “look our best”. Our association with the Tax Help Team took that pressure off our shoulders and the experience could not have been better. Thank you Tax Help Team, KC Choi and all of the members of your wonderful staff. You have changed our lives in a positive way forever!

Justin S.

Placentia, California

My wages were garnished. Taxing agency did not work with me to lowered the garnishment. Tax Help team got involved and drastically lowered the amount owed by filing the unfiled taxes - doing much of forensic accounting in order to accurately file unfiled returns. Now I am the garnishment is lowered to $75 per month. Currently Tax Help Team is only 2 weeks away from eliminating the garnishment altogether.

K.Rim Phx Engineering

Pheonix, Arizona

I had a payroll issue. Total amount owed $171,926.01. KC Settled it for $2500. Hard to believe huh?! Go to his office see the proof.

Charles Y.

Salt Lake City, Utah

SALES TAX UTAH STATE TAX COMMISSION: Mr. Choi. Thank you for removing the tax liens off my record. As you are aware I had tried working with Utah State Tax Commission for couple of years without any results. My CPA highly recommended you and I see why. Thank you.

Sue S.

East L.A., California

SALES TAX AUDIT: Dear Tax Help Team, please find the requested testimonial letter. About 18 months ago, after an audit, we got a assessment for sales tax bill. Our CPA instructed me to pay the assessed bill and move on with my life. But the assessment bill was much more than we could afford. Thereafter tax authority sent me a notice of levy. I found Tax Help Team through another restaurant friend of mine whom had a similar issue in the past. After listening to Mr. Choi, We decided to turn over the case. He immediately contacted the auditor and reopened the audit. He met with her number of time over the 8 months period. To my surprise, after on-site meetings at my restaurant and at the office of Sales Tax Division, the case was finally settled at little over $7,000.00. Originally the bill would have been over $44,000.00. Mr. Choi went on and arranged the payment plan in the amount of $450/mo to pay off the settled amount. I was told that negotiating a sales tax is much harder than the IRS income tax or payroll tax issues. My husband and I cannot believe the end result and the amount of tenacity Mr. Choi had to persevere. Once again, we appreciate all of your help and the fantastic result.

Young K. & Irene K

El Monte, California

I owed IRS $56,501.72. I tried to get rid of this tax issue by myself because I cleaned the IRS office. I had developed a relationship but got nowhere. I was referred to KC and he settled it for $750 withing 9 months. Some of the delays were due to me not being prompt.

Charles H.

Los Angeles, California

I have payroll issues which IRS imposed Civil Penalty. My previous tried close to two years negotiating with IRS but to no avail. KC took on the case and settled it for $5000.

Don O.

Buena Park, California

Original amount owed to IRS $13005.84. Case settled by Tax Help Team $1000.00. Great!!!!.

La Habra, California

God my be watching out for me. I owed IRS $10,870.93. I had over $30,000.00 in my retirement account and I have $5000.00 per month in income. With all that obstacle, Mr. Choi was able to settle it for $500.00.

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