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Tax Help Team is sincerely committed to helping you or your business solve number of tax related IRS or State problems. This is our mission. After listening to you carefully and asking questions about your unique situation, we will explain your options in easy to understand terms. We will also recommend the solution we believe is in your best interest.


Tax Help Team is proud of our unparalleled track record helping our clients. We will use a resolution method that will best fit your tax situation. Often we would engage in the area of Offer in Compromise, P.P.I.A programs designed to help qualifying individuals and companies substantially reduce the amount of taxes they owe to the IRS and State Taxing Agencies.


In addition, we offer specific tax resolution services to address every client's circumstance. These include: setting up affordable payment plans that work within our clients' budgets, preparing back tax returns, abate penalties, ensure IRS liabilities are accurate & IRS audits are done fair and accurately, research tax matters, stop wage garnishments, end bank levies, remove tax liens, and prevent property seizure.


Any of the service above could be a life changing remedy for you once you let us help you. Don't delay. You have waited long enough. Don't let the compounding penalties and interest become unmanageable. Because most of the offers to the taxing authorities may depend on how much you owed at the time of offer/negotiation.


our fee varies on the complexity of your tax issue. No two cases are alike. Therefore it wouldn’t be fair for us to quote you a flat fee. In most cases our fee ranges from $495 to $4995. We can arrange affordable payment plan to accommodate your situation. Not all taxpayers are able to get reduction or eliminate their tax debts. We will let you know ahead if we can’t help you prior to engaging in our service. Thank you so much for giving us your time. We look forward in helping you.

Take the Stress Out of Tax Time with Tax Help Services in Los Angeles, CA

Tax time can be extremely frustrating, particularly if you have a complex tax situation. Tax Help Team is your leading provider of professional tax help services 세금 지원 서비스 in Los Angeles, CA, designed to take the stress out of filing your taxes. If you have IRS or State tax related problems, our team goes above and beyond to minimize your liability in order for you to resolve your issues in the most effective way. With over 15 years of experience and as an IRS Enrolled Agent, we are committed to providing the most valuable service to our clients.

Quick and Easy Tax Resolution Services

There may come a time in your life where you owe money to the IRS. Whether you have been audited and owe penalties, or have simply been confused about taxes until now, Tax Help Team 세무 지원팀 provides the most robust tax resolution services in Los Angeles, CA to get you back on track. Our personalized approach allows for affordable payment plans, while we also help to remove levies, liens and prevent seizure of property. Our goal is to help you reduce the amount of tax that you owe to national and state government agencies for improved financial success.

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